Since the beginning of this year, every Thursday Belgian schoolchildren and students hold manifestations with the requirements to the government to take climatic measures. It’s no secret that the states themselves, lobbying the interests of large industrialists, promote climate warming. It is the Report of the Inter-Governmental UN panel on the climate change that pushed people to protests. The report provides irrefutable evidence that humanity is moving the Earth to disaster. Global warming due to carbon dioxide emissions leads to the greenhouse effect. The closest example is the Venus.

An increase in the overall temperature of the Earth beyond a certain point may lead to irreversible consequences. Warming by only 1°C at the Earth has led to the melting of glaciers, more frequent weather disasters, rise of the sea level. Due to the climatic changes and a number of other reasons, the beekeeping industry is beating the alarm, noting the death of honey bees, bumblebees and other pollinating insects. In the UK alone, honey production decreased by 70% in 5 years.

We, the team members of RG Bros Studio, are troubled by this fact. And we are trying to get across the idea of the importance of the Earth preservation to the younger generation, to families from different countries. By the way, the 21st episode of BEEOGRAPHY will be devoted to the problem of bees extinction in China… Watch our series and become friends of the Earth, friends of RG Bros Studio! We, adults, are responsible for the future of the planet!

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