According to Rail Khismatullin, general producer of the series, when BEEOGRAPHY project began, initially RG Bros Studio motion picture company had a goal to enter the international market of the animated series. First literary translation was made by Vera Sokolova, poet and teacher of English language in Moscow State Linguistic University (former Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages). Vera perfectly adapted the literary part of all series and recommended her colleagues for making translations into other languages. Trailer of BEEOGRAPHY series is recorded at one of the Hollywood studios, Hollywood actors took part in dubbing. The first episode of BEEOGRAPHY is translated into German, Spanish and Chinese for further participation in the cinema festivals held at these countries. Several episodes of BEEOGRAPHY were translated into French for presentation of the cartoon at the largest animated cinema market in the world in Annecy (France).

And just yesterday RG Bros Studio received a literary Greek translation of 16 episodes. It is made by Elena Zhokhova, translator, born in Russia, but residing at Cyprus. Beside translating, Elena teaches English, Greek and Russian for more than 20 years, takes part in organization of music shows and exhibitions of the Russian performers and artists in Cyprus and the USA. And now new horizons are opened for BEEOGRAHY: Greek cultural center in Moscow will be eager to hold a meet-the-artist session with the creators of the project. And young spectators of Greek expatriate communities will be able to watch the series in the language, they understand.

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