The BEEOGRAPHY team worked on the song in every detail and all the way through. They perfected the musical rhythm, wrote simple and easy to understand lyrics. This is the key to the accuracy of translation into a foreign language. At the moment the song “Calbuco”, telling kids about the volcano in Chile, is performed in the Russian and English languages.

According to translator Vera Sokolova, the song “Calbuco” was adapted for English-speaking audience easily and quickly. Performers – actors Elena Filippova and Georgy Sharov – made a studio recording almost from the first try, which happens not so often. “It’s a fun song, – says Vera, – and it didn’t lose its uniqueness when it was performed in English”.

No wonder, all BEEOGRAPHY’s songs are like this! For example, the song, called, “Nobody remembers”! Or the song from the credits “BEEOGRAPHY, BEEOGRAPHY”! It just makes you sing along: “BEEOGRAPHY, BEEOGRAPHY, please tell us funny stories! It helps us learn geography and it is never boring!” This song sounds great in English. The song about Denmark or the “Robinson song” – all they are fun and cool!”

“I am sure that the songs from BEEOGRAPHY will live its own lives, – assured Vera Sokolova, – their lyrics are universal, they are easy to sing along to. I know that there is translation into French too. But let’s the French tell us the story about France. Or they’d better sing it!”.

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