“MultiMusic” is a TV channel, broadcasting best songs from the “gold pool” of Russian and foreign animated cartoons 24/7. You may dance, watching cartoon video clips, you may enjoy animated series, you may join karaoke. If your family is not awoken in the morning by the program, called “Awake, dear children!” and lulled in the evening by the lullabies of the Mult-Music TV channel, you should try it! As never-to-be-forgotten Lev Tolstoy said – “happiness feels comfortable in places, where good mood reigns”

During one year more than 20 million spectators joined Mult-Music niche channel. Program of the channel is aimed at the children under 10 (but who from the adults may say that they do not have the same emotions, listening, for example, to the Bremen Town Musicians?). And what is more important – the first children’s music channel in Russia has become an important tool of influence in the animation market: Multi-Music inspires the studios to create new projects. That’s why we at RG Bros Studio are so excited to share this news with you! Join the music channel, look for us in the broadcast schedule, and soon you will know 14 songs of BEEOGRAPHY inside out!

These are “Funny fantasy”, “Gulliver song”, “London”, “Once a year”, “Molly’s song”, “On the good of reading”, “Little donkey”, “Balloon on a string”, “Down the yellow river”, “Apiary land”, “Story of the Queen”, “Variety”, “Renata’s song” and credits song. These songs were composed by the poets Rail and Rinat Khismatullin and composers Vyacheslav Mertsalov and Gennady Shiroglazov. Our songs are easy to remember, easy to dance to and easy to sing. Especially – together with your family!

By the way, scientists estimated that 87% of children and 71% of parents like songs from cartoons. And, as to the rest, we suppose that they do not have Mult-Music channel!

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