Now you have a chance to never part from Renata and Buzzie the Bee even during the lessons! Adventures continue at the school exercise books! And not only at them…

School academic diaries and notebooks, colored pencils and rulers, coloring books and comic strips with BEEOGRAPHY logo and characters are already well known to the kids from different cities. Besides, at the moment, children’s toothpaste, greeting cards and chocolate, bright T-shirts and baseball caps and a special series of healthy products are produced.

TENTORIUM® produces nutrient dragees with milk flavor under BEEOGRAPHY brand: Extra-Lor, O-De-Vit and Khlebina. These dragees give body strength, increase resistance and overall tone, provide child’s body with necessary micro-and macroelements.

A series of TENTORIUM® care and cleaning products is also replenished with products under the brand of this animated series. BEEOGRAPHY kids cream gently cares for kid’s skin, and a delicious toothpaste with the same name helps provide hygiene of oral cavity without any reminders from the mom.

So the boom for BEEOGRAPHY brand gathers pace. Join us.

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