Rail Khismatullin has been awarded with the Certificate of Appreciation by the President of the Russian Federation Mr.Vladimir Putin.

Аt the direction of the President of Russia Mr.Vladimir Putin, Rail Khismatullin, General Director of Tentorium LLC and Creator of BeeOgraphy animated TV series, has been awarded with well-deserved Certificate of Appreciation for his labor successes and years-long dedicated work.

BeeOgraphy educational musical TV series was created in 2013 thanks to the creative union of two brothers – Rail and Rinat Khismatullin. In a fascinating way, children get to know customs and tales of different nations. Together with the characters of the animated TV series, children broaden their horizons, learn many interesting facts about geography, history and culture of different countries. Animated TV series promotes main human values, teaches to appreciate nature and to protect environment.

Dear Mr. Khismatullin, please, accept our profound congratulations on well-deserved high state award! We share joy of current success with you!

The high assessment by the President of Russia gives us inspiration to go forward, soar to new heights, and keep on reaching new achievements!

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