Beeography is accessible in e-book version.

In January 2020 ‘Beeography. Flying Adventure’ was released in the electronic publishing system Ridero.

We have great news for all fans of the animated TV series ‘Beeography. Flying Adventure’ –

at the beginning of the year, ‘Beeography. Flying Adventure’ appeared in the Russian online stores and abroad! Tatyana Korotkova together with Rail and Rinat Hismatullin created the book. It is available for reading in electronic version, but everyone can place an order and get the fairy tale in hard copy.

The book will capture attention of young readers for a long time – in terms of volume, it is almost as big as bestsellers about Harry Potter. The story tells the adventure stories of Renata, the little girl, in the magical land of Bees. Renata and her friends will visit all continents in search of the magic crystal, that will save the world from destruction. On the pages of the book, characters already familiar to viewers from the animated TV series come to life, new little friends appear. For example, a nimble Australian blue-striped bee and a capricious, but very kind African baobab-oldman.

The book is written in simple words, it’s easy and exciting to read, tells important things in simple and clear language. In fact, this fairy tale represents a fascinating geography textbook. So the reading will be not just interesting, but also practical.

During two weeks, the book was distributed through numerous Internet resources. And every day the number of these sites is increasing. Please, follow the links below to buy ‘Beeography. Flying Adventure’ in e-book version:


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Literary network resource LitPortal:

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