From May 30 to June 2, 2019, an annual festival of Russian animation MULTIMIR IV will take place at the 75th pavilion of VDNKh. For the first time, BEEOGRAPHY animated series produced by RG Bros Studio will be presented at the most prestigious Russian animation forum along with animation projects of leading Russian and foreign film studios. Participation at MULTIMIR proves that the animation project is recognized as the most promising in the industry, combining animation studios, foreign animation brands, manufacturers of children's goods and services, as well as entertainment and educational centers.
All participants of the festival will claim victory in the Russian professional award for animation and licensing MULTIMIR, organized by the Russian Association of Animated Films, VGTRK Holding, 0+ Media and a number of other companies. Awards will be awarded in 16 nominations. There are 35 domestic animated series in the short list. BEEOGRAPHY animated series will compete to be the best “Novelties” category, along with the new version of Prostokvashino, Gurvinek cartoon and Wild Screechers. BEEOGRAPHY is also nominated for “The best character of the Russian animated film”, “The best female character of the Russian animated film”, “The best song of the Russian animated film”
Winners will be determined by the results of a vote by a professional jury and spectators. This year the jury includes Tatyana Tsyvareva, an editor-in-chief of Karusel TV channel, Svetlana Smirnova, an editor-in-chief of Tlum HD TV channel, Irina Mastusova, an executive director of the Animation Film Association, Antonina Tsitsulina, the President of the Association of Children's Goods Enterprises, and other leading Russian experts in animation, licensing and entertainment. The award ceremony will take place on May 30 at VDNKh, on the opening day of the IV MULTIMIR festival.
BEEOGRAPHY series has been actively developed in 2018-19. Its popularity is growing rapidly both due to professionalism of the creators (screenwriters Rail and Rinat Khismatullins, Tatyana Korotkova, director Sergey Kurchenko, chief artist Olga Kurchenko, composers Vyacheslav Mertsalov and Gennady Shiroglazov) and through marketing (Elena Semushina, Ravia Batullina, Elena Nikishina, Ksenia Zueva). BEEOGRAPHY honey meridian, held on March 19 – May 19, and the first BEEOGRAPHY festival in Moscow, held on May 19th, arranged by RG Bros Studio and BEES PLANET Russian charitable fund, have become the main events of 2019.
These events have seriously raised status and rating of BEEOGRAPHY.
MULTIMIR has a rich entertainment program, which includes a gala concert on the main stage of the festival, a quest from the organizers of the forum, games, shows, prize drawings, workshops, premieres of new cartoons. Visitors will also meet cartoon characters on the interactive sites of their creators. A colourful cartoon-march of mascots – cartoon characters with take place three times per day. BEEOGRAPHY characters, such as Renata, Buzzie, Barmie and the Globe, will participate in the march.
BEEOGRAPHY pavilion of 50 sqm will be decorated in its corporate colors using images of the main characters. 2.5 meters dia inflated ball with BEEOGRAPHY symbols will hang over the stand. The pavilion will present a large entertainment program: a photo zone, quests from director Sergey Kurchenko with professional animators, a zone for drawing and games and a recreation area. BEEOGRAPHY -style souvenirs are produced specially for MULTIMIR.
MULTIMIR festival activity will be widely covered by Moscow and federal media. Accredited medias are Rossia TV, Mult TV, Multi-Musica TV, Zhivaya Planeta TV, Moskva TV, Radio Mayak, FM 96.8, Radio Rossii, Radio KP 107.6 FM, Vesti RU, Film Pro, Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, Argumenty i Facty, Antenna magazine and Moi Rebyonok magazine, etc.
For any arrangements or advertising questions and interviews, please, contact Raviya Batullina, linear producer of BEEOGRAPHY project: beeography.tv@gmail.com, tel. 8-800-200-1957 (24 hours)
On May 19, 2019 in Moscow (Sokolniki Park, Kinopolyana), RG Bros Studio motion picture company as a part of five year anniversary of BEEOGRAPHY animated series supported by BEES PLANET Russian charitable Fund, All-Russian Public Coordination Council for Beekeeping and Federal State Funded Research Institute of Beekeeping held the first international BEEOGRAPHY festival.
The general information partners of the event were Beekeeping World webzine and Our Youth media holding. More than 20 print and online media of the regional and federal level informed their readers about the event.
The holiday, taken place on May 19th, was occasioned with the World Bee Day according to the UN holiday events schedule.
Since 2018, the World Bee Day is celebrated on May 20th. In fact, BEEOGRAPHY Moscow festival in Sokolniki was the first major celebration of the World Bee Day on the planet.
BEEOGRAPHY festival fit into a number of the brightest cultural events of May in the capital. The song “I Dreamed ...” was written specially for the festival (words by Rail and Rinat Khismatullins, music by Vyacheslav Mertsalov). The song performed by Rail Khismatullin and Korolyok children's vocal ensemble from Moscow was presented at the official part of BEEOGRAPHY and will be released on the radio.
A lot of people attended festival opening. Totally more than two thousand visitors came to the site that day. Director of BEES PLANET Charitable Fund Svetlana Vakhrusheva (St. Petersburg), Director of the Federal State Funded Research Institution “Beekeeping FRC”Anna Brandorf (Ryazan), President of Russian Public Coordination Council on beekeeping Valeriy Kapunin (Moscow), general producer of BEEOGRAPHY animated series Rail Khismatullin (Perm), head of the development of SHAR animation studio Olga Granovskaya (Moscow) and others appeared at the event with welcoming speeches.
BEEOGRAPHY festival was preceded by the First International Charitable Competition of arts and crafts BEEOGRAPHY HONEY MERIDIAN. The Competition lasted for 3 months (March 19 - May 19, 2019) and collected at the time of its completion about 10 thousand works from 400 cities and towns of Russia and 10 countries of the near and far abroad (Mongolia, Bulgaria, China, Germany, etc.). According to the terms of the Competition,
for each entry TENTORIUM®, a project’s partner, transferred 50 rubles to the Haaz Child Oncohaematological Center. The collected funds will be spent on equipment and operations of young patients. As a part of the competition, a charitable fest with BEEOGRAPHY mascots was arranged for Haaz Center children, an information video was shot and posted at YouTube.
All participants of the competition add up 1 kilometer to HONEY MERIDIAN. As of May 19th, 2019, about 10 thousand kilometers of the First Honey Meridian were built. Each participant of BEEOGRAPHY HONEY MERIDIAN received a personal certificate “Ambassador of the Honey Meridian”. The names of ten people, received thousandth certificates, were announced in the news blocks at all media sites of the organizers of the HONEY MERIDIAN festival.
At the award ceremony, the winners of the BEEOGRAPHY HONEY MERIDIAN competition received memorable gifts from the festival sponsors - TENTORIUM company and RG Bros Studio motion picture company. Prizes for authors of works in the nominations Allegory, Research Work, Sculpture, Book, Dance, Original materials and Techniques were also decided at the ceremony. Grand prix of the competition and a tour to TENTORIUM SPA resort was taken by Maria Polonchuk (12 years old, Volgograd). On May 19th a lottery based on certificate numbers was held at the cinema glade. BEEOGRAPHY HONEY MERIDIAN has become an important milestone in the list of projects of BEES PLANET Charitable Fund aimed to promote saving of bees, the main plants pollinators on the planet. The competition and BEEOGRAPHY festival will run on, as they have showed what an effective educational tool can these events be, combining the idea of ​​ saving seriously ill children and ​​saving our fragile planet. Bees contribute to continuation and maintenance of life on Earth, play a huge role in creating a food base for the living. Unfortunately, nowadays they are massively dying. Thus, saving bees we save the future of humanity.
At BEEOGRAPHY festival in Sokolniki hundreds of two thousand visitors of the festival signed the Appeal of Russian Public Coordination Council on beekeeping to the Ongoing Appeal for online signing will he posted at all websites of BEEOGRAPHY festival organizers.
FIRST HONEY MERIDIAN documentary film will be shot following BEEOGRAPHY festival in Moscow. FIRST BEEOGRAPHY FESTIVAL video clip will also be shot.
The first BEEOGRAPHY festival set a tradition for the future and several cities from different countries are already claiming the right to hold the next festival.
For each entry TENTORIUM®, being a backer of the Haaz Child Oncohaematological Center, will transfer 50 rubles to the Center. Thus, each participant, taking part in the competition, not only prolongs HONEY MERIDIAN, but also helps children with cancer.
The competition runs as a part of HONEY MERIDIAN campaign, started on May 20, 2018, and five-year anniversary of BEEOGRAPHY animated eco-educating series by RG Bros Studio motion picture company.
BEEOGRAPHY HONEY MERIDIAN competition was proposed by BEES PLANET Bee Saving Russian Charitable Fund headquartered in Saint-Petersburg and by RG Bros Studio motion picture company headquartered in Moscow, sponsored by TENTORIUM international company.
Works performed in any art technique (drawing, sculpture, handicraft) may enter the competition. The main requirement is that it should correspond to idea “Save Earth from terrible Evil together with BEEOGRAPHY characters”.
Competition dates are February 19 – May 19, 2019.
Organizers of BEEOGRAPHY HONEY MERIDIAN competition draw people’s attention to importance of protection of bees, being the main pollinators on Earth. Since 2006 a sharp decrease of bee population started. This will inevitably lead to a shortage of food, as one third of food resources of people depends on bees.
By participating at the virtual exhibition BEEOGRAPHY HONEY MERIDIAN, you join the multimillion team of friends of Buzzie, Renata and the Globe, BEEOGRAPHY animated series characters. The series has significantly contributed to popularization of environment protection and care for bees, main nature workers.
Want to help bees with other means? Seed nectar-bearing grasses, do not use chemicals in your gardens. And buy honey to support beekeepers!
HONEY MERIDIAN in an international campaign aimed to unite people’s efforts all over the world to save bees. The campaign started on May 20, 2018, the first celebration of the International Bee Days, established by the UN in December 2017.
HONEY MERIDIAN adds one virtual kilometer, when a new participant joins the campaign with his or her drawing or handicraft. The meridian length is 20 004 km. To build HONEY MERIDIAN 20 004 people should join the campaign. The campaign will last until the HONEY MERIDIAN will reach meridian’s actual length.
In 2018 HONEY MERIDIAN grew by 261 km with assistance of active and caring people, who sent their creative works to BEES PLANET Fund.
BEES PLANET Bee Saving Russian Charitable Fund is a successor of World Save Bee Fund, established in 2009, initiated by a member of Honey Commission of the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations, general producer of RG Bros Studio Rail Khismatullin.
BEES PLANET Fund was founded on November 2, 2016. The Fund has a number of successful projects implemented together with TENTORIUM: building the Bees Protection Wall, eco-lessons, International Competition of Children’s Craft “Save a Bee - Save our Planet!” and others.
RG Bros Studio motion picture company was founded in 2013. The debut project of the motion picture company is BEEOGRAPHY animated series for family viewing. The goal of BEEOGRAPHY creators is to tell in interesting way within education program for lower grades about our world, about traditions and fairy-tales of different nations.
The series raises global environmental bee problem. Main characters of the series - Renata girl and Buzzie the Bee travel around the world, performing the task of the Bees Queen. Smart Globe helps them with their important mission of saving bees.
Honey Meridian is the name of the international campaign run by the Russian Charitable Fund. Read more about campaign at http://planeta-bee.ru/.
BEES PLANET Russian Charitable Fund and RG Bros Studio motion picture company start BEEOGRAPHY HONEY MERIDIAN as a part of HONEY MERIDIAN campaign.
Partners of the competition are:
-All-Russian Public Coordination Council for Beekeeping;
- Federal State Funded Research Institute of Beekeeping
Scanned works for competition may be submitted at:
-BEES PLANET fund web-site http://planeta-bee.ru/
-HONEY MERIDIAN web-site https://tentorium.ru/medovyj-meridian/
The results of the competition will be announced on May 19 in Moscow at the First Russian Festival held in honor of the UN approved World Bee Day.
10 entries with the idea of HONEY MERIDIAN most expressed through BEEOGRAPHY characters will get valuable gifts from the characters of the series Renata, the Globe and Buzzie the Bee and from RG Bros Studio motion picture company.
Each participant will receive a personal e-certificate of HONEY MERIDIAN campaign from BEES PLANET charitable fund and will become a HONEY MERIDIAN Ambassador.
Upon HONEY MERIDIAN completion each HONEY MERIDIAN Ambassadors will participate at a lottery with his or her personal certificate. Nice prizes from general partner TENTORIUM corporate group will be raffled.
On May 19, 2019 in Moscow the characters of BEEOGRAPHY animated series will hold a stage show named BEEOGRAPHY HONEY MERIDIAN.
Fest program includes:
* Greetings to participants from organizers:
- director of BEES PLANET charitable fund Svetlana Vakhrusheva (Saint Petersburg)
- director of Federal State Funded Research Institution “Beekeeping FRC” Dr.sc.agr Anna Brandorf
- President of Russian Public Coordination Council on beekeeping Valeriy Kapunin
- general producer of BEEOGRAPHY animated series Rail Khismatullin
* Competition totaling with calculating total length of Honey meridian, completed by joint efforts
* Reward of campaign winners. The names of ten winners of BEEOGRAPHY HONEY MERIDIAN campaign will be listed in the closing credits of one of BEEOGRAPHY series;
* Participation in an interactive program with BEEOGRAPHY characters (mascots) and in flower danceathon to the songs of BEEOGRAPHY animated series;
* Participation in the performance "Buzzie the Bee Flower Glade". Join the performance "Flower Glade"! Make a headdress and take it with you to the fest, as well as flower-shaped badges and drawings. We will sing BEEOGRAPHY anthem together (which is credits for BEEOGRAPHY animated series https://yadi.sk/i/UnyYLlM2MRWXXQ).
The performance will be videotaped and will become a part of BEEOGRAPHY anthem videoclip. The video will be presented at the websites and social networks of fest organizers, on YouTube Russia, as well as at APIMONDIA international congress, which will be held in 2021 in Ufa. For each participant, this clip will always remain an excellent video for viewing with friends and family!