Beeography animated series tells about fascinating adventures of the girl Renata and her friends Buzzie the Bee and the Globe. Our little friends will start for a journey across different countries and continents in the search of a magic crystal “Kindroid-Understandor”. They will have many exciting adventures on the way. They will also have a chance to meet characters of the world’s famous fairytales and legends and sign along and dance to catchy songs of different nations and cultures! And in each episode they will learn insightful Beeography lessons!
Join Renata! Travel, learn, sing and dance along with us!
Dog Show
Renata, Buzzie, the Globe and the Cat arrive to Rio de Janeiro. They see on TV that a huge dog show is held in Rio and Robinson Crusoe who they were looking for is judging the contest. They need to get to the show and talk to Robinson Crusoe. He may be the keeper of Kindroid-Understandor. How will our little friends get to a place where only dogs are allowed? Watch the episode 20 and you will find it out!
Meet the Magic
The first episode tells us how Renata met Buzzie the Bee and where the rubber globe came from. Buzzie tells many interesting things about flowers, bees and even dinosaurs! And at the end of the episode an amazing miracle happens!
Round the Globe with a Bee
Renata tries some magic potion, turns into a little bee-girl and sets out on a most exciting journey around the globe together with her new friend Buzzie the Bee. On the trip Buzzie shows Renata different continents and countries, tells about their cultures, traditions and the most popular fairytales of these countries. At the end of the episode they meet a bad pirate named Barmaley (Barmie) in the land of fairytales and try to stop him from doing mean things.
A Very Special Place to Visit
Barmie didn’t like that Renata and Buzzie had stopped him from doing harm to a kind fairy-tale doctor and followed them from the land of fairytales to the real world. He got the magic potion by a trick and also turned into an insect. His evil plan is to catch Renata and Buzzie and get back at them. Is it going to happen? Watch the 3rd episode of BEEOGRAPHY animated series to find out!
Jobs in the Hive
Buzzie tells Renata about different jobs in the hive. She tells what bees are engaged in scouting flowers, what bees collect flower pollen, and also who bee-cleaners and bee-guards are. And of course Buzzie tells about the most important major bee – the Queen Bee.
Inside the Beehive
Buzzie takes Renata on a tour across the beehive. They see what the beehive looks like from the inside and meet lazy Dronie. But what’s most important is that the Queen Bee herself invited Renata and Buzzie to a reception to tell the girls about a very responsible mission she wants them to complete. Barmie again tries to stand in their way. But he fails to meddle in the girls’ plans.
At the Reception with the Queen
In this episode our friends Renata and Buzzie are at the reception with the Queen Bee. The Queen invited the girls to send them on a very important mission. It turns out that long ago alien bees breathed life into our planet, made it beautiful, welcoming and friendly to all living creatures. Unfortunately, the Big Villain hated that and he decided to send the alien bees away and set all nations against each other.
Renata and Buzzie start searching for magic Kindroid-Understandor, a mystic artifact hidden by the alien bees in a storyteller’s house long ago. But the girls have no idea which exactly storyteller that is and what country he is from. The Queen Bee gave Renata and Buzzie atlases, maps and books from her library so that they could take a step closer to solving the mystery.
The Ball of the Princess of Flowers
Finally this incredible day has come! A lot of fairy-tale characters from Russian fairytales gathered at the ball. Renata and Buzzie have to find a character with KU letters on him or her, since this sign would bring the girls to the place where Kindroid-Understandor is hidden, according the Queen Bee’s words.
MISTerious Britain
Renata and her friends go after a mysterious stranger to Europe. Buzzie supposes they should look for the stranger in Britain and she proves to be right. The mysterious lady-stranger actually was there. Moreover, it was she who has tricked Renata and her friends into coming to England. But why would she do that? You will find the answer in the episode 9!
What’s in a book?
Renata and her friends keep looking for the mysterious stranger in London. They don’t know yet that the stranger is Wax Moth, an old enemy of the bees. She promised to the Big Villain that she would stop Renata and Buzzie from finding Kindroid-Understandor. And the Big Villain promised Moth to give her all the honey in the world as a reward.
The Emerald Isle
After Moth and her gang broke our little friends’ BeePlane, it seemed that it would be a very long and troublesome journey from England to Ireland for Renata and her friends, who worried that Moth’s gang would find Kindroid-Understandor first. But thanks to the Globe’s quick mind and help from characters of English fairytales, our travelers got to the Emerald Isle (that’s what Irish call Ireland) really fast. However, Moth again finds a way to mislead our friends.
Shoes of Gold
Renata and her friends head over to downtown Dublin to help Irish bees and a leprechaun find Gulliver in a holiday crowd. Gulliver is big and strong and he can raise a heavy stone that covers dancing shoes thanks to mean tricks of Moth and her gang. But the villains keep doing their dirty job. Moth has an evil plan. She wants to make everyone believe she is Renata and Barmie and Dronie are Buzzie and the Globe! Find out what happens next from the episode 12!
Croissants from Little Red Riding Hood
Renata and her friends arrive to France. They meet Little Red Riding Hood in Paris. The Red Hood is headed to her grandmother to wish her a Happy Birthday. Our friends join the girl. Learn from the episode 13 if they got to the celebration of the birthday!
The Mystery of the Paris Opera House Roof
Renata and her friends get to Palais Garnier, the famous Paris Opera House. They look for an important ingredient for croissants. This ingredient turns out to be a very special one. You will find out what’s so special about this secret ingredient from the episode 14!
Colored Country
Renata, Buzzie and the Globe get to Denmark, where they meet fairy-tale characters who help them find Hans Christian Andersen’s house. The Tin Soldier protected some important thing on writer’s desk. Maybe it was Kindroid-Understandor… Find it out from the episode 15!
The Ugly Duckling’s Birthday
Our friends have to find the Tin Soldier and a casket. And they need to do it underwater. How is it possible? You will find it out from the episode 16! Also, all characters from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales gather together to wish their creator a Happy Birthday.
Robinson Crusoe’s Island
The BeePlane with our little friends onboard and the BarmiePlane with the villains get caught in the storm. The BeePlane makes a crash landing into the sand. Only Renata is inside the BeePlane. What happened to her friends? Will they find each other? Watch the episode 17 to find out!
Road to the Cabin
Our friends keep trying to find each other. Chilean bees give shelter to Buzzie and help her send up smoke signals to inform Renata and the Cat on her location. Luckily, the Globe turns out to be just nearby. Finally the team is reunited! Now they need to get to Robinson Crusoe’s cabin to find out how they can get from a desert island to Germany.
Humming Bird’s Song y
Renata, Buzzie, the Globe and the Cat get to sunny Brazil. Feeling very thirsty the Cat almost drinks the water from a magic well guarded by a humming bird. Why is the well under guard? Will the cartoon characters fix the BeePlane to get to Rio de Janeiro? Find it out from the episode 19!
Dog Show
Renata, Buzzie, the Globe and the Cat arrive to Rio de Janeiro. They see on TV that a huge dog show is held in Rio and Robinson Crusoe who they were looking for is judging the contest. They need to get to the show and talk to Robinson Crusoe. He may be the keeper of Kindroid-Understandor. How will our little friends get to a place where only dogs are allowed? Watch the episode 20 and you will find it out!